God is Omniscient: As He Takes You on Your Support-Raising Journey

You have searched me, Lord, and you KNOW me. Psalm 139:1

One of the most intimate words in the Bible is the word “know”—God knows me—yet so often I take that for granite. I know a lot of things, or at least I think I do! However, because of my own limited knowledge of the future or of even of everyday things, I unconsciously project that lack of control and fear onto God.

When God asks for our obedience, He rarely gives us the sequential steps until we’ve taken the plunge of trust. It’s obviously not because He doesn’t know what is ahead, but too much knowledge of our future can be a detriment. If I had known we weren’t going to be able to move to Tanzania after our support-raising effort, I would’ve never begun the process in the first place. He holds the steps, shielded in His hands, in order to position us where we need to be, not so that we can take a peek and get what we want or expect. It forces us to trust, so that we can be used by God and have the greatest impact.

The beautiful message of Psalm 139 is that God knows us more intimately than we know ourselves. However, the support-raising journey has left me, at times, feeling like my life was out of control, like I was abandoned, and even like God really didn’t know what was best for me. Of course none of those things are true, but anxieties arose simply by not trusting God.

God created us with specific talents, passions, and dreams to be used by Him, and often these desires and giftings are what drive our choices. The great thing about God is that He designed it that way, so we can delight in Him all while be used for His glory. However, there are times when we obey, yet it feels as though God missed the mark as we are left floundering in a place that doesn’t seem at all like He knows what is best for us.

What we have to remember is that God doesn’t just know us intimately in the moment. He knows the future us and is continually molding us into the image of Christ. All the circumstances He takes us through fit together like one big dot-to-dot puzzle. Whether we obey or go astray, God is connecting each blip, until we one day stand before Him as His completed masterpiece. This beautiful, eternal picture is how intimately God really does know us. So, let’s look past our circumstances, see ourselves for who we are in Christ, and trust an all-knowing God with each of our steps.

  1. Make a list of your talents, passions and dreams, and praise God for how He created you.
  2. Be willing to sacrifice those talents, passions and dreams for Him, knowing that He knows you so intimately that He is shaping you to be like Him.

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