God is Beauty: Our Stories on the Support-Raising Journey


“One thing I ask from the Lord, this only do I seek: that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to gaze on the beauty of the Lord and to seek him in his temple.” Psalm 27:4 (NIV)

My eyes tell me the things that have an outward appearance of beauty—rainbows, mountains, certain people, etc. However, my heart is what encounters true beauty, and when that happens, I’m changed. David continually encountered God in the midst of enemies, trials and sins. He experienced God—even before having Him in the flesh—enough to understand the contrasting beauty of God to the world’s dying misunderstanding of it.

This world doesn’t seek God’s splendor, because it doesn’t know Him. It only knows a false perception of beauty. Satan wants to keep people blind, so without knowing it, they carry around filthy rags when they, instead, can be clothed in robes of royalty. This, of course, is what makes missions so important. The world—both at our doorsteps and in remote foreign villages alike—needs to know this truth so that people’s lives can be forever changed.

Because the Gospel is a matter of eternal life or death, Satan wants to distract Christians from what really matters. His tool is to keep us focused on other things—even things that seem important, like money—rather than gazing at God’s beauty and longing to be in His presence. Satan has used the tactic of distraction on the support-raising journey. For many people, he has effectively destroyed its true purpose and has lessened its impact.

The result of this is seen everywhere as raising support is widely misunderstood. Instead of the support-raising journey being seen as a tool that unites people to impact communities for Christ, people question why we don’t get real jobs. Instead of it being seen as an avenue for worship, raising support has created an atmosphere of agitation. Instead of it being seen as the ministry at hand, it’s seen as just a blip on the way to doing the real work of God. When faced with all of this opposition, I have seen people on this journey become crushed by its weight. Pretty good smoke screen created by the devil, isn’t it?

God doesn’t waste any detail. Therefore, raising support is an integral part of missions. Just as David gave us words that give us a taste of God’s beauty and excites us to seek His presence, we are charged with the same task. Raising support is the stage for displaying God’s majesty as we share the stories of what God is doing here and around the world. Your words, as they lead others into the presence of God, have a multiplying effect. When your supporters catch the vision of missions, then teams of people are coming together to share that same truth with others, until the whole world hears of the beautiful truth of God. That’s when peoples’ hearts are truly changed.

  1. Taste God’s glory and yearn to be in His presence for all of eternity. This is the place from which everything else flows.
  2. Write your blogs, prayer letters and presentations in such a way that your words proclaim God’s beauty.

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