God Speaks: With a Voice to Listen to on the Support-Raising Journey


“The Lord came, stood there, and called as before, “Samuel, Samuel!” Samuel responded, “Speak, for your servant is listening.” 1 Samuel 3:10 (CSB)

Following the instructions of the still small voice of our Counselor can be quite difficult. Sadly, I often make it harder than it should be, because when the Holy Spirit speaks, I want to wait for the thundering voice of God to clarify. As humans, we like to wait for a safety net. If God is asking us to give up our job, then we want to know if there’s something that’s going to come along to provide for us financially. If God tells us to march around a city and do crazy things, we want an angel to appear to verify our marching orders. That’s way easier to believe than the invisible promptings of the Holy Spirit—at least we assume it is.

In 1 Samuel 3, God had to speak to Eli through Samuel. God had already sent a messenger to Eli to warn him about his family’s fate, if they didn’t turn back to God. However, even with such a blatant message, Eli didn’t listen. Therefore, God verbally spoke to Samuel to explain to Eli what was going to happen to his family.

In Samuel’s day, the voice of God was rarely heard, and it came as a complete surprise. The beautiful thing about being a Christian after Jesus’ ascension is the fact that every believer is now given the Holy Spirit to live inside of them to be that voice to guide us. I don’t know about you, but I don’t ever want to be characterized as the one who rarely hears God’s voice all because I’ve forgotten what it sounds like.

On the support-raising journey, God doesn’t necessarily give us doomsday messages to speak to households. However, He does call out our names for us to tune in to what He is saying. He has instructions for us that we need to hear, but as we progress along this journey, the busyness and craziness in our lives can often choke out that small voice that is trying to get our attention.

In all the chaos, don’t tune out His voice, because His instructions may seem hard or you don’t have the time. I encourage you to get to a quiet place and say, “Speak, for your servant is listening.” When you hear what He is saying, be prepared to take action. We must trust that God has our best interest in mind that will, in turn, be used for His greater glory.

  1. What do you need to get rid of in your life in order to hear the voice of God more clearly?
  2. What is God telling you to do on this journey? Obey what He is saying.

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