God is I AM: Our Awesome Power on the Support-Raising Journey


God said to Moses, “I AM WHO I AM. This is what you are to say to the Israelites: ‘I AM has sent me to you.'” Exodus 3:14

“I AM has sent me to you.” That’s a powerful proclamation packed with a lot of meaning. Moses had a big task in front of him. God had charged him with leading the Israelites out of Egypt where they had been slaves for a little over 400 years. Because the Israelites had been embedded into Egypt’s strong economy, Moses wasn’t going to just waltz into Pharaoh’s presence and have him easily cave to his demands. God’s power and glory had to be seen and experienced. I AM —the One who has always existed, is the Father of the Israelites, and who deserves all glory and fame—sent Moses in order for His power to be displayed. Moses not only had to trust that truth, but he also had to encourage the Israelites as well. Therefore, I AM sent him.

Wouldn’t it have been easier for Moses if Pharaoh would’ve just said, “Oh, sure, Moses, I understand the power of your God who is the great I AM, so please don’t hesitate to leave. You can feel free to leave as soon as you would like.” God could’ve done exactly that, but instead, God led the Israelites on a journey of trust so they could see the God of their fathers, the Great I AM, display what His greatness.

We want the journey to our different ministries to be easy, don’t we? We want God to call us, for us to be able to immediately go, and then to lead thousands of people to Christ overnight. Wouldn’t that be great? But God doesn’t necessarily work that way. In order for us to trust Him and see that the Great I AM is the One who has sent us, He has to do a work in our own lives first. He takes us on a journey of discovery on which as we are learning to trust Him, we show others that we can trust I AM as well. All of this culminates into everything coming together in order for us to have the greatest impact for His glory.

Thousands of years have passed since Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt, yet the power behind the “I AM” statement still remains true to this day. “I AM has sent me to you.” He still sends us out, taking us all on a journey of faith to discover the truth behind what it means to trust the great I AM. Therefore, raising support isn’t just a stumbling block we have to trip over to get to our ministries. It’s a preparation phase that has a purpose of its own. It’s a God-ordained journey where He takes us on a journey of faith in which we get to trust Him more and more each day, and allow others to encounter Him as well.

Use this time to discover God more intimately. Use the support-raising journey to show others how they, too, can trust God with their money, time and efforts. In the end, when you allow God to work through every circumstance, His glory will be displayed in a much greater way than if we just picked up and went on our own.

  1. Who is sending you? Is it the great I AM? If so, relish that fact. Are you doing things by your own strength and might? Surrender your plans to the great I AM in order for His glory to be displayed.
  2. How has the support-raising journey looked differently than what you planned? As you look back, how have you seen God at work, using unplanned circumstances for His glory?

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