Heather 7

Heather Ricks and her husband, Jason, have lived off support for over nineteen years and know the realities of raising support in five different ministry positions. As a result she understands that raising support is about much more than receiving money; it’s about experiencing God and worshipping Him as He shapes us along the way.

It was out of this understanding that her book God and Elephants: A Worshipper’s Guide to Raising Support was birthed. However, her passion for those on the support-raising journey didn’t end there. Heather mentors all different kinds of people from missionaries, church planters, to local ministers who are on the support-raising journey as she helps them to discover God throughout this process. That is the reason for this blog. It is meant to help people to fall deeper in love with God as she helps to direct their attention to Him and what He is truly doing in their life during a time when the drive for getting money and getting to our places of ministry can clamor for our focus.


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